About Me

I’m just a person. Currently I work as a CPA doing tax accounting, sometimes though I think maybe I’m actually on a reality show where people are placed in the most trivial and unsatisfying careers to see how long they stay… going on 7 years… does that mean I’m winning? I’m starting this blog because other bloggers say to start one, I think it’s just so they can get $ from their affiliate links, buuuut what the heck, if there’s one thing the internet needs it’s another opinionated blogger with a narrow world-view.

I still very much don’t know what I want to “do” with my life. I would say I’m sort of floating along looking for inspiration, the blog name says it all: I’m waiting to be zapped.

While I wait I’m trying to have a good time, figure a few things out, and be ready in case I do “figure things out”. By being ready I mainly mean financially; I just want to be in a position to pursue my passion (should one come calling) and not be held back by money problems. I guess in that way this will read a lot like a personal finance blog.  Really though it’s just a documentation of some things I learn and observe on my journey – even if that journey turns out to be me just walking in circles.

At any rate, my hope for the blog is to write posts that provoke thought. If you also find yourself feeling like you’re stuck in your pod waiting for instructions I encourage you to stay loose, stay liquid, laugh alot – but be ready.

Note: I was heavily inspired by a career day talk a guy named Dupree gave at my school