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W2BZ – 6 Month Blog Update

Well the first 6 months of 2018 are in the books. The blog still exists, so I guess in some ways that’s a victory, but it’s been a far cry from a consistent outlet. I’ve ended the period much the way it began, with a dearth of posts. I put together a solid run of content February – April and am actually quite proud of a few of the articles thrown together in that time.

Without further hype, let’s get into some of the facts and figures behind Waiting to be Zapped.

Blog Income


blog income update

W2BZ has generated an astonishing $2.62 in revenue in 2018. This kind of top-line performance makes it a highly talked-about disruptor in the personal finance blogging world.

In a recent Forbes list, W2BZ was ranked #987,402 in Midwestern Sole Proprietor Businesses to Watch. We’re wedged right between Sadie’s Tea Parties for Stuffed Aminals and Polly’s Lunchtime Pog Traders. That Sadie is doing some legit shit though, no arguments here.


I’ve spent $83 on advertising for W2BZ so far this year. $18 went to Facebook and $65 to Twitter. The best thing I did was run a Twitter poll asking how much millennial’s think they’ll receive in Social Security. By “best” I mean most interesting. It didn’t actually drive any traffic to the site, which I guess is the point of advertising?

I go into more detail about how the marketing “campaigns” performed in the months where I actually spent the money:

You need to really have nothing to do with your life to read those, but be my guest. Just so you know though, the internet is full of fascinating things, maybe try a little harder…

Blog Traffic

Blog traffic

I know, I know, that’s a lot of eyes on me. I’m beginning to understand how celebrities feel, it’s like everything I do is under a microscope. If you want to have whales traffic like me, check out my Everything Internet Pro Blog Course – only $199 $1.99 if you sign-up through this link.

The 1:35 average session is some pretty ridiculous engagement. Yes, I am available for consultation, but just as a warning – my fees are high and slots are limited.

blog channels

If you’re wondering how you got here, let’s take a look at what’s most likely. Over half of you came to W2BZ directly – thanks for that. A third found us through Social Media and the remaining dribble through organic search (whatever that is) and referrals (hilarious).

Click here for my SEO tips and here for tips on becoming the next Tommy Pickles of social media marketing. If neither of those catches your fancy – here’s an article on 28 Ways to Make Compelling Listicles.


W2BZ published 34 posts in the first half of 2018! That is neat. My original goal was to bang out 2 a week, which means there should be 52 posts so far… Oops.

But still, 34 is pretty good. I think the problem is one of expectations, not performance. Gonna need to lower that bar.

Let’s have a look at which posts generated the most views:

blog posts

I love that Discretionary Dollars per Hour leads the way. What I don’t love is that I actually wrote that one last year, so doesn’t really count for the 2018 update. Despite that I’m pleased, it’s the most “important” idea I have.

The home page comes in at #2. Who doesn’t love being home?

How Much Less We’ll Pay after Tax Reform with a surprise bronze medal! People seem to care about how much of their money goes to taxes. They also extra care when that number is going down.

The list is pretty well rounded out by big year-in-review type posts. Those are great. Definitely read those and skip all theĀ filler bullsh posts.

The Post I’m Most Proud of

A lot of “work” goes into the yearly summary posts. But really this is analysis I’d be doing anyway; I do it for my own edification, not for the money and glory – that’s just a bonus.

On the effort-based front I’m also pleased with how the Social Security series turned out. There’s legit a lot of good information in there, and if the Twitter Poll results show anything it’s that there’s mad misinformation about the state of Social Security.

But none of those are what I’m most proud of. My favorite posts to write are the agenda-less pontifications about work/life issues. Whether that be how to make the big bucks or why it’s impossible to successfully blog and work full-time (with many notable exceptions).

From that well curated category comes my favorite post thus far in 2018. Drumroll………

Initiative without Ambition

Hooray for me! I love this idea. I think ambition is overvalued and instead we should worry more about fostering initiative. And I articulate that really well! No for real, read that post, I’m telling you – it’s good. Well it’s decent. At any rate, if you’re here right now reading this, you’ll definitely be (relatively) impressed.

The Future

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, maybe sunshine, maybe rain.

Waiting to be Zapped will continue to exist – at least until September when I have to renew WordPress.

Posting regularly is hard. I’ve hit a natural lull in enthusiasm, but still really like having the blog as a means to track our personal finances and occasionally soap-box about working life.

Work really takes all of my creative and productive energies. I’m trying to find a balance between pursuing interests (like writing) and reducing stress (via not overloading myself). I’m not sure what that balance should be. I do know I spend far more time thinking about what I’d like to do than actually doing it.

I suppose all I’m saying is I’m still waiting to be zapped.


As a blogging note – today’s post sets a W2BZ record for most out-bound links! It started out genuinely, but quickly turned into a joke.

This sentence (and this aside) exists to push the word count total over 1,000. After editing, I had to add this additional sentence to keep it over 1,000.


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