w2bz march update

W2BZ Blog Update – March

Waiting to be Zapped had a profitable month! I worry the money will change me. I mean now that it’s open, I don’t know if I can turn the money spigot off.


I had 9 new posts in March and stayed on course for my goal of 2 per week. I posted my first super sales-y article – Personal Capital Retirement Scenarios. My love of PCap is no secret and it’s basically the only thing I have zero qualms promoting (although I’ve never actually gotten anyone to sign up…). The goal is to spend some ad money on the post, but I think it needs further refinement before I do that.

March was an incredibly busy (in a life-sucking way) month at work and it heavily influenced W2BZ. I went a little cynical with Work Robs our CreativityIntelligence Wasted and There Goes Another Day of My Life. Despite the lack of reader interest, these are the musings I most enjoy writing.

The month was rounded out by what I’ll call my second “career advice” column – Initiative Without Ambition. I’ve managed to be moderately successful at my job despite a consistent internal lamenting of my lot. I don’t do any of the traditional things that get people “ahead”; I don’t network, innovate, inspire or relentlessly do anything. My goal isn’t to get ahead but to land, temporarily, comfortably, in the middle.

Undoubtedly most of what you might call my success has come from complete dumb luck. I have great parents who read to me when I was a kid and I’ve got a modicum of natural analytical ability. The little bit of proactive influence I’ve actually had over my career success can be boiled down to initiative, enthusiasm, and humility. All things within our control.


W2BZ blog update - march

W2BZ had 58 visitors and 122 views. At least half of these are myself, but to the ones that aren’t – thanks for reading 🙂 I spent $0 on advertising in March and my organic traffic is nonexistent.

W2BZ blog update - march

Once again there is a disparity between the numbers reported by WordPress and Google. Google analytics says W2BZ had 77 visitors and 218 page views. I like that better, I’m going to believe them. Google analytics has some cool reporting features, but I think I need more traffic before I can glean anything useful. Right now it’s basically just telling me how many times I visit the site and for how long.


Dream realized – W2BZ made a profit in March! I’m open to offers for the site, thinking somewhere in low 6 figures.


Obviously I didn’t do any of this in March. W2BZ doesn’t have a SEO strategy and it shows in the organic traffic (none). The only success I’ve had driving traffic has been through Facebook ads. I’m wanting to dip my toes back in to promoting, but I’m feeling conflicted…

I don’t know what the “goal” of the site is. Primarily I’m trying to improve my writing skills while focusing on my own personal financial journey. I’m trying to figure it all out  waiting to be zapped – and the site is meant to aid me in that quest. It’s a very selfish site.


I’m still trying to keep my head down until 70 posts. As of writing W2BZ has 49 posts, just 21 more to go. I’ve managed to stay on 2 posts a week for two whole months now. I have to admit it’s feeling a bit more like a chore but on balance I still enjoy updating the site.

Thanks for tuning in 🙂

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