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W2BZ Blog Update – February

Another month in the books. I knocked out 8 new posts in February and met my goal of 2 per week. Whoop! I am particularly proud of a few of the posts, namely the series on Social Security, including how to calculate the benefit you’ve earned so far. I wrote the articles a few years ago and updated them for W2BZ. It was very interesting/encouraging to see the progress my writing has taken. I think it’s better… but still a long way to go.

I also wrote about Home Ownership vs. Apartment Renting, and showed how our completely paid off house still costs us $1,190 a month.

The first article published in February was a detailing of our total taxes paid in 2017. The most popular post all-time on W2BZ is an account of our taxes paid in 2016, but the new one hasn’t put up the same kind of numbers. I’ll probably try some Facebook ads for the new post next month and see if people are still interested in taxes.


W2BZ had 39 visitors and 99 views in February.

W2BZ February

W2BZ February

Once again the most popular post was Discretionary Dollars Per Hour, though I wouldn’t really call any W2BZ posts “popular”. The results are very scatter-shot, and I’m not entirely sure how people are navigating to these specific posts. It was interesting to see Holiday Reflections pop up a few times. I posted it at the end of November and it sort of spilled out of me like some kind of manifesto. I’m glad 4 people found it, I hope it inspired a little self-reflection. I also think it’s cool 4 people checked out the About Me. I’m not a very interesting guy, but I sure tricked you idiots.


Yet another huge month for W2BZ! It’s only half of what I made in January, but I shouldn’t get greedy.

W2BZ February

The disparity in reporting continues. Adsense is saying W2BZ had 168 page views, which is 69 more than what WordPress reports. Adding to the mismatch, Google Analytics credits W2BZ with 217 page views.

W2BZ February

The volume of traffic sure isn’t anything to write home about (but enough to blog about?). I do appreciate the average session duration in February was actually long enough to read an article. Thanks for caring guys 🙂


I’m beginning to think Twitter ads are not my jam. The $20 I dropped only generated 11 link clicks. Oof.

W2BZ February

Twitter ad results are way down from January because I actually set some targeting parameters. The initial Twitter campaign results looked great on paper, except that the link clicks were coming from all over the world and the time spent on the website was like 2 seconds.

For February I made sure the ads were only shown to people in America that met certain demographics. Apparently that demographic does not care about my ads. Maybe I really should focus on the international super-speed reading crowd…

I’m going to go ad free for March and see if I can generate my first positive earnings month for W2BZ. Just need 1 cent in ad revenues, then I can call this thing “profitable” and watch the buy-out offers come rolling in.


W2BZ February

A record-breaking seven people found W2BZ through organic search! Interestingly, though not surprising, the seven of you spent far-and-away more time on the site than visitors from other traffic sources.

The 63 people from Social seems completely false. And as always, the 33 direct visitors confounds, unless those are all me. That would add up. So I guess really like 10 people who are not me came to the site… That’s pretty cool!


Another month in the books. It felt good to meet my twice weekly posting goal.

As of writing, W2BZ has 42 published posts. Just 28 more and the magic organic traffic switch will be flipped, inundating the site with readers. Can’t wait.

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