W2BZ November Update

W2BZ Blog Update – November

The blog has lasted 3 months and made it’s very first dollar(s)!

Here are the results for November:

Expenses: $15           Income: $3

Net income for the year: $(639)

This was obviously a much more chill month for W2BZ. I had been getting a little carried away with my spending on the site so it was nice to come back down to earth. November and December are also my busiest times at work by far and I’m finding it difficult to keep up with posting. I had built up about 4 posts in my drafts, but I’ve already burnt through all those. I really don’t want W2BZ to ever feel like a burden, but also I do want to keep a regular, twice-a-week posting schedule… The toils of limited time.

All of the $15 spent was for Facebook ads. I tried out 3 short campaigns on 3 different posts and none of them really took off. My best cost per click was $0.50 on the post Discretionary Dollars per Hour. This was my most promoted post as well. I am really proud of it, but it didn’t seem to capture people’s attention in advertisements. I am noticing that the cost per click steadily drops the longer you keep an ad running. I’m assuming this is Facebook’s algorithm at work, identifying people who are more likely to respond to the ad. Pretty cool stuff.

Here are my total Facebook ad results for November (according to FB) and compared to October:

W2BZ november update


For November W2BZ had 69 visitors and 127 views. This was obviously hugely impacted by my lack of spending on the blog. The one like was from someone who navigated to my site via Twitter. They also followed me on Twitter. I noticed a few days after that they un-followed me. I read before about people who pump up their Twitter numbers via the follow/unfollow strategy. This person had the added step of navigating to my blog and ‘liking’ it. It must be working, she has loads of Twitter followers. I don’t plan on ever resorting to that sort of tactic though – I’d rather live with the abysmal social media following.

W2BZ november update

W2BZ november update

My most popular post in November was Discretionary Dollars per Hour. This was my most advertised post, so makes sense it was the most viewed. I know I said it already, but I am really proud of this post. Even if nobody really reads it or cares, it’s still important to me. It frames out a way of thinking about earnings that has changed my life. My first post on our Financial Independence Progress was the second most viewed. I am also super proud of this, and excited to make it an ongoing series. The large number of views on the Home Page are likely my own doing. Actually, I don’t think many people who come to W2BZ spend much time here, so the majority of the total views are probably my own. Hey, I’m my #1 fan.

W2BZ november update


Facebook remains the top source of referrals to W2BZ. This is obviously because it’s the only place I advertise (who knew). Search engine traffic remains practically non-existent, though I’m not gonna lie, I’m pumped 3 people found me this way.

Last but not least: I have 10 Twitter followers, 8 people following the Facebook page, and 2 people following the blog on WordPress. Thanks guys!


Awwww snap son! W2BZ made money! Well, kind of… I have a balance in my Ad Sense account, but it’s not high enough for them to actually pay me. Here’s my November data:

w2bz november update

My actual balance in Ad Sense is $3.03, not sure what causes the discrepancy.  I decided to monetize W2BZ, which I covered in last month’s blog update. I don’t think I’m super cool or big time or anything. It’s just that being a full-time writer is my dream, so I need to start doing things that reflect it. I do want to spend more time learning about how it all works and cleaning up my site, but my real full-time job hasn’t been cooperating with my schedule. Woe is me.

Anyway, $3! Thanks to the two people who clicked ads on my site. I hope you found something useful 🙂

I still haven’t made any money from the affiliate links on the site. Really the one I am most enthusiastic about is Personal Capital. It’s a great free way to track your net worth and spending. If you sign up through my link you can support W2BZ while keeping it free for you. (I’m so smooth and subtle with my plugs).


I’m still enjoying it 🙂 I’ve been a little frustrated I don’t have the time to commit to the site, but I know that will change soon. My schedule will really open back up in January and I’m excited to dive back in.

Hope your holidays are great!

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