Holiday Reflections

Well it’s the time of year when I am absolutely slammed at work. I work consistent 12 hour days under high stress. Some reprieve is available as despite our looming deadlines I don’t work the holidays. I mean I might work a string of frantic 14 hour days, but I’ll throw up a goose egg the Thursday – Sunday of Thanksgiving.

The timing of our busy season with the holidays creates an odd juxtaposition; for weeks every conscious thought I have is about work and what needs to be done until suddenly I have 4 days away from it all.

I’ve been reading about financial independence for a few years now and my motivation is definitely growing. I haven’t gone so far as to commit to a plan or announce my desire to quit the rat race (sans nom de plume anyway), but my lifestyle is markedly influenced by the FIRE (Financial Independence/ Retire Early) community. This past Thanksgiving may just be the final kick in the pants required to officially launch a FIRE plan.

My family came to visit us this year. Considering the size of the crew this is no small feat. We spent our time enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, playing cards, and generally acting a fool with our youngest relatives. It was glorious. And it cost basically nothing.

I want more time like that. I want more freedom in my life. The ability to travel the world or lazy away time doing nothing. To jump between the two as my motivations wax and wane. I want to pursue interests as they arise, developing and dropping them without the fear of wasting time.

I want to live a different life. Not drastically different, only slightly, but enough to avoid the cliched career of overwork. I want my time to truly be my time. To have a schedule that reflects my priorities.

While I certainly haven’t been zapped yet, I do think the vision for the life I want is coming in to focus. Maybe I don’t know exactly what I want to do, but I am learning what I don’t want. I guess you could characterize it as process-of-elimination-ing my way to a purposeful life.

I hope the holiday season treats you well and allows you the chance to reflect on what is important to you and begin shaping a future based on that. If you also find yourself seeking some FIRE motivation here are a few articles that I’ve found particularly galvinizing in the past:





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